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Working In Unusual Event Venues

Where you’re hosting your event can say quite a lot by itself, as can how you’re delivering the messaging. Having these two elements work in harmony is key to creating a unified experience for all attendees. However, it’s the latter that must be shaped to fit the setting more so than the other way around; […]

Venues with Installed AV Equipment: 3 Things to Consider

It’s common sense. The venue seems to have everything you need at your disposal: the Food & Beverage, linens, tables, and the audiovisual. By pulling a bit more value from your venue, you can save 15-20% of your event budget. The reality is, you could be totally right. Modern, consumer-friendly AV equipment is now commonplace. […]

Rigging: Flying vs. Ground Supporting

When it comes to designing a production, and especially in hotels, one question comes up about rigging often – “to hang it, or not to hang it?” You may hear this referred to as “flying” or “rigging”, vs. “ground-supporting” or “ground-stacking.” The main benefits to hanging anything are: it can free up a lot of space, […]

Do You Consider Your AV Provider A Partner?

Depending on the needs of internal or external clients, your event may require working with any number of vendors to achieve your goals. But when does an AV provider become more like a partner? Is there a point where your contact becomes more valuable to you than just a point of transaction? Of course, the […]

Preventative Maintenance: Make Your AV Equipment Last

Many organizations use audiovisual equipment on a day-to-day basis. Tasks like communicating with customers, working on open projects, and brainstorming for future directives, often require AV technology being in working order. Companies that regularly host live events face even more risk. From live streams to charity galas, their success tends to rely heavily on the […]

Encouraging Engagement In Your Corporate Presentations

When accepting her Academy Award in 1984, Sally Field expressed her excitement by saying, “They like me! They really like me!” We all want to deliver Oscar-worthy business presentations. But, all too often, conference presentations involve reading directly from the PowerPoint with little explanation or energy. Without an engaged speaker, the audience is left unenthused […]