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A Year in Review with The Quest AV Leadership Team

In a year when continued uncertainties spiralled from a global pandemic and emerged quickly into a surge of high demand for live in-person events. We share some unique insights and reviews from our Quest AV leadership executives: Al Manji, President and Robert Styka, General manager. 


One word to describe best 2022 for leading Quest Audio Visual is “Challenging.”  

For the Quest AV leadership team, it was “Challenging not to know what the future has in store. Not knowing when the business will pick back up, at what speed to rehire and be ready for live events, or how much longer the on-and-off shutdowns would continue.” There were constant challenges with high-risk decisions as Al and Robert navigated through the transitions and waves of lockdown to the rapid high demand of in-person events and working through the shortage of skilled labour.


AV Leadership Maze



With the many challenges faced due to the pandemic slowing the events industry to a crawl, traditional business plans and strategies were out the door. The focus then became Team Survival Mode to keep the business afloat. The critical element to the success of this survival mode for Quest AV is what defines this creative and innovative event production company as the business of people. Al Manji shares that the “TEAM” and the people who are a part of it is one of our core strengths. We successfully executed multiple significant events with one-third of our past resources, thanks to our team’s dedication and hard work. “I’m extremely proud that everyone on our team was even more engaged and motivated to work hard because we were in this ‘survival mode.” 



Like many other companies, Quest AV entered 2022 with a reduced team size. Every team member’s approach was “All Hands-On Deck”. They worked extremely hard to support functions each other to ensure that the operations and support to our clients were still seamless and that our client events were all successful. This working method allowed the Quest AV leadership team to understand all roles and responsibilities better. Also, while improving more scalable processes. The team members also cultivated mutual support and respect for each other. Therefore, further enabling the event production expertise from start to finish while providing growth opportunities. 



In the last five months of 2022, we have seen rapid growth and steady demand for our Event Production services for live events. This is extremely exciting because this is what we do best. Our team gets the most reward for being creative and innovative with our clients working in live events. Additionally, while being a profitable business again. With all the challenges faced, there are many lessons learned. These have helped build greater confidence in our 2023 Growth and Process Improvement project strategy.



There are different predictions on the landscape of events. For the leadership team, there is a forecast of more robust demand in 2023 for more in-person events. However, the hybrid model will be here to stay. At Quest AV, 60%+ of our clients request hybrid options to enable accessible access to the virtual audience while hosting in-person events. We’re excited about the future. Knowing that our team has the resilience and flexibility to adapt to the different event formats our clients may need. Be it In-Person, Virtual or Hybrid. 



Stepping into 2023, our goal is to continue our awarding-winning reputation of delivering flawless event production experiences. We aim to make events creative, innovative and always come from a team of trusted technical event experts. Focusing on “Onward and Upward Always” as a team motto, we aim to level up more of our client relationships to be their trusted AV Partner of choice. Servicing their event needs, large or small, anywhere in North America. If you have an upcoming event that requires any Audio Visual or Event Production support, we welcome the opportunity to have a discovery call with you! Please reach out and contact us at

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