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Astera AX5 Wireless PAR CAN

The Astera AX5 Wireless Light is a quality lighting fixture that replaces your wireless and wired PARs as well as battery uplight.


  • 3 x 15W RGBAW LEDs with the latest high-precision Gaggione lenses
  • Slide-out bracket to transform the AX5 into an uplight within seconds
  • High efficiency flood and wall wash filters clip in safely
  • Waterproof connectors - Charging contact as well as waterproof Powercon True1 + XLR connectors
  • Quick release kickstand to adjust angle for fast and efficient wall uplighting


  • CRI : 92
  • Total LED power : 45W
  • Luminous Flux : 1080Lm
  • Pixels : 1

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