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QuestVision 5.9mm LED Panel

For Indoor or Outdoor use, these fanless IP panels are designed for fast and easy set-up in any configuration, flat, concave, or convex thanks to their accurate, high torque, precision latching system with seamless panel to panel fit at any angle. Incorporating digital video drivers (PWM) and calibrated to a color and brightness accuracy deviation of 3%, high motion video rendering and grey scale are kept sharp and crisp at all brightness levels in both indoor and outdoor use thanks to MBI5151 drivers used throughout.


  • Indoor/Outdoor: Both
  • IP 65 rated front and back
  • Front service removable modules
  • Back panel casing with 2 PSU for stable high brightness with ample headroom
  • C&C aluminum side arms for frame integrity and high rigging capacity
  • Molded horizontal arch bracing for torsions free rigging
  • Precision crafted one latch rigging
  • Horizontal latching with selective +/- 30° curving (+/-20°➢ on FLEX 5IP)
  • CSA Approved

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