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ROE Black Pearl 3.9mm LED Panel

Our LED panels provide a unique and cost-effective solution for various types of indoor and outdoor events.


  • Lightweight & Strong tile made by magnesium alloy and revolutionary design.
  • Fast and Simple Setup by magnet system and smart lock.
  • Intelligent Module stores calibrating and operating parameters separately.
  • High Protection of LEDs by edge-care tile design and packing design.
  • Superb Visual effect with high refresh rate, outstanding color processing and great contrast ratio.
  • High Efficient power supply (90%) and heat sink inside.
  • Easy Maintenance with push-out module and all the modules are the same design.


  • Pixel Pitch : 2.84mm
  • Pixle/Tile : 176×176
  • LED Configuration : Black SMD 3-in-1
  • Viewing Angle(Hor/Vert) : 140°/140°
  • Max. Brightness (After calibration) : 1500 nits (NationStar 1515)
  • Pixel Density : 123904/sqm
  • Refresh Rate : 1920Hz

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