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 Sigma | 18-35mm F1.8 Camera Lens available for rent in Toronto with Quest Audio Visual

Sigma | 18-35mm F1.8 Camera Lens

Sigma’s choice of F1.8 as maximum aperture isn’t a coincidence; it means that the lens will offer the same control over depth of field as an F2.8 zoom does on full frame. What’s more, combined with an APS-C sensor, the system will also offer effectively the same light-gathering capability as an F2.8 lens on full frame. By this we mean that it will be able to project an image that’s just over twice as bright onto a sensor that’s slightly less than half the area, meaning the same total amount of light is used to capture the image. This is important as it’s a major determinant of image quality. Essentially it means that APS-C shooters will be able to use lower ISOs when shooting wide open in low light and get similar levels of image noise, substantially negating one of the key advantages of switching to full frame.


  • 18-35mm focal length (approx 28-50mm equivalent)
  • Extremely fast F1.8 maximum aperture
  • Ring-type ultrasonic focus motor with full-time manual override
  • Initially available in Canon EF, Nikon F and Sigma SA mounts; Pentax K and Sony Alpha to follow