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Projector Rental

Our Projector inventory features a number of projectors ranging from 3000 lumens to 14000 lumens. We carry majors brands including Panasonic, Christie and NEC.

Our inventory provides the option for you to find the Projector that best fits the requirements for your event or rental. Our Projectors can be used for a number of purposes including small meetings/gatherings, Conferences, Trade Show Booths, Corporate Events amoung many other uses.

The number of Lumens determines the brightness of a Projector factoring in the size of the display being used. You can see our Display Options by clicking here.

Our Projectors come with a number of lenses to fit the requirements and layout of the room the projector is being used in. You can see the lenses that we offer for our projectors here.

If you have any questions about our inventory our dedicated sales team is available to assist via our online chat, by phone or by filling out a form on any piece of equipment that you are interested in.