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Applying inspiration to employ the latest technology in creative ways

We came up with a unique way of utilizing our 4mm LED wall in conjunction with our Coolux Pandora's Box Media Server to create a multi-dimensional display attracting attendees to our booth.


Quest AV

Event Location

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Date of Event

August, 2014

Event Capacity


Equipment Supplied

  • 4mm LED wall
  • Coolux Pandora's Box Media Server
  • Rigging
  • LED lighting
  • 2 speaker sound system
  • LCD display
  • Custom content

Services Provided

Quest AV is company that prides itself in thinking outside the box but in this case we had to think how best to creatively attract people inside the box, literally. We took the opportunity to showcase our ingenuity at the 2014 Incentiveworks Trade Show. Collectively we wondered if we use our 4mm LED wall not only as a backdrop but as a ceiling as well.  Never a company to figure things out on site we tested the set-up a month prior to the event to work through any issues and ensure a smooth setup. Using our Pandora’s Box Media Server technology we blended the images on the ceiling and the backdrop together for and eye catching effect.   The results were electric with a record number of attendees visiting our booth.

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