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Celebrating the #infinitepossibilities of film at TIFF

Festival goers were invited to have a chance a winning some fabulous prizes at the Festival Cube while the cube displayed their tweets to @TIFFavion to share with fellow attendees. This interactive activation engaged members of the general public to RBC's branding, as well as their clients.


Royal Bank of Canada

Event Location

David Peacaut Square, Toronto, Ontario.

Date of Event

September, 2014

Event Capacity


Equipment Supplied

  • Cube constructed of 4mm LED panels
  • Truss
  • Coolux Pandora's Box Media Server
  • Cooling System

Services Provided

Amidst the glitz and glamour of the world-renowned Toronto International Film Festival, Quest AV was proud to partner with RBC Avion to conceive and execute the Festival Cube, and interactive space for festival goers to both have the chance at some amazing prizes and have their thoughts shared with everyone at TIFF on a Twitter wall.

The Cube structure was comprised of truss and custom rigging to which the LED panels were attached. Coolux Pandora’s Box media server was used to project multiple interactive branding visuals and video clips engaging passersby. A custom built prize delivery chute was coordinated along with the media server to create an interactive environment with separate prizes and brand messaging for Avion clients and the general public. The Cube did not come without its challenges as the heat created by the enclosed space and the operation of multiple panels demanded an innovate solution from our team to ensure smooth operation. We combated this by relocating the heat sensors at the back of each panel to lower their sensitivity as well as installing an industrial air conditioning unit within the Cube itself to maintain operational temperatures.

The client was very happy with both the public’s response and interaction as well as the seamless fit into the gala nature of such an high-profile activation.

Check out the amazing video of the event courtesy of RBC here!

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