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The Independent Contractor herein after You” or ”Your”, hereby confirms his willingness and competency to offer their services as an Independent Contractor of Freelance Technical Services. 


It is understood and agreed that the Quest Audio Visual intends to offer to you, any assignments in accordance with your qualifications and skills, under the terms and conditions of the written confirmation of individual assignments delivered to you by a representative of the Company.  When you accept the assignment, the conditions set forth in the present contract apply. 

It is understood that thQuest Audio Visual may amend the conditions of the individual assignments from time to time without causing termination of this agreement. Your hours of work will be established to be consistent with Quest Audio Visuals operating requirements, which may change from time to time.   

You will ensure that they are not at any time during the Term engaged in conduct that would constitute a conflict with the interests of Quest Audio Visual. 

Working Condition: 

You agree to respect and abide by the rules of Quest Audio Visual regarding, but not limited to; Dress Code, Behavior, Professional Conduct, Attendance, as discussed and agreed, prior to assignment. 

The Independent Contractor hereby confirms that they will adhere to the following guidelines:   

  • Follow all Quest Audio Visual Policies and procedures 
  • Not be under the influence of alcohol, cannabis or any illegal narcotic. 
  • Follow any and all facility guidelines 
  • Not to misuse and/or abuse any facility property or its contents 
  • Use only properly designated loading areas for loading in/out of equipment 

Should you require special assistance from Quest Audio Visual (including but not limited to a Company truck, additional tools, special equipment, Company clothing), said assistance will then be stipulated in the individual assignmentAll Company property must always be accounted for. 


All invoices must be sent to The assignment for which you are contracted will be paid at an agreed rate prior to being contracted for any specific dates of service based on the following conditions: 

  • Hours will only be paid based on the quest Audio visual sign in/out sheet. If sheet was not filled out original call times will be paid. 
  • Quest Audio Visual does not pay overtime freelance rates. Unless agreed upon beforehand. 
  • Quest Audio Visual will pay 2 x 4hr calls if Set up & Dismantle calls occur with more than a 4hr difference between calls. 
  • Quest Audio Visual will pay a minimum 4 hour call up to a maximum of 8 hours for travel days that don’t involve technical work for projects deemed to be out of town.


Transportation/Parking and any related expenses are the Independent Contractor’s sole responsibility unless otherwise arranged in writing prior to date of services required. Quest Audio Visual will not reimburse unauthorized expenses. 


For this agreement, invoices will be requested from you and must follow the below guidelines in order to be paid. Your invoice will be paid in arrears, in accordance with the general practice of the Company. All fees will have the applicable HST added. All invoices must include the following:  

  • Quest Audio Visual Job Number and/or P.O. Number  
  • Date & Name of Location of Job(s)  
  • Actual Time Worked in detail 


You accept full and sole responsibilities for any actions brought against them, from any source for neglect or non-compliance of said agreement.  You stated in this agreement shall, to the extent permitted by law, indemnify and hold Quest Audio Visual Not reliable  for any and all claims, injuries, damages, losses or suits, including attorney’s fees, arising out of its own acts or omissions and those of its officers, employees and agents in the performance of this agreement.  No party to this agreement shall be responsible for the acts and omissions of those not a party to this agreement. 


You hereby attest that they are mandated to execute his or her duties and responsibilities as they have represented themselves as qualified. 

WSIB Coverage: 

Quest Audio Visual hereby declares and informs you of the fact that, given your status of “Independent Contractor”, that you are not covered by the provisions of WSIB, except if you register as an “Independent Contractor” and obtains the “Certificate of Clearance” from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario. 


This Contract for Services is valid from the date of acceptance until modified or cancelled, in writing. The terms set out in this Contract for Services may not be cancelled, modified or amended except by a written instrument, signed by both you and Quest Audio VisualQuest Audio Visual may terminate this contract at anytime with or without notice.


It is agreed and understood that nothing in this contract or in its execution shall be construed as an offer of employment. At all times will be deemed an “Independent Contractor” and as such cannot by any means claim the status and or benefits of an employee and also fulfillment of an assignment on behalf of Quest Audio Visual in whole or in part may not be considered insurable earnings as described in the Employment Insurance Act.  

It shall be the responsibility of you to properly report all monies earned to the Canada Revenue Agency as the Company shall be deemed Not responsible for the filings of any income with the Canada Revenue Agency.  


Please feel free to download for future reference.

Thank you.

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