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Gear Spotlight-Microh LED Vid4-SMH Panels

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technological advances, perpetually updating our inventory to be able to provide our clients with a wide range of solutions to their AV needs. It is in this spirit that Quest AV made a significant investment in the purchase of well over one hundred panels of Microh’s LED Vid4-SMh video display units. This has proven to be a wise selection as their versatility and dependable use have made them true workhorses among Quest’s line of product offerings.

These energy efficient, next-generation, 4.5mm pitch high definition LED panels have an astounding output capable of 281 trillion colors allowing for an engaging and rich video experience for your next event. They are effective at transmitting anything from static branding to high definition video across various show sizes. With video being one of the most effective layers in guest engagement and retention, these panels have proved indispensable on their own or in conjunction with our Pandora’s Box media server, on a variety of platforms, from galas such as the Arbonne CNTC2014, outdoor displays of NHL Playoff hockey, to the RBC Festival Cube at this years Toronto International Film Festival. Please visit to view the entire product specifications list.

We are committed to keeping pace with advances in technology and mastering them in order to provide our clients with innovative and adaptable solutions to their AV needs.

Please contact us today for any product inquires or pricing requests or 905-752-RENT (7368).

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