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Looking Back at ‘Planning Ahead’

Toronto, ON (November 4, 2020) — First off, we’d like to give a huge thanks to everyone that joined us for Planning Ahead including the attendees that tuned in live, the speakers for their thoughtful opinions, and the Ineventors Platform for providing a seamless experience for our guests. We’ve put together a short highlight reel of the virtual event which you can view below. 

Don’t forget that you can access the full stream on the unique Planning Ahead event website at


Planning Ahead showcased an all-star panel of event industry professionals who discussed the current landscape of the industry. Connect with them below!

Ryan Peddigrew
Quest Audio Visual

Janice Cardinale
The Idea Hunter

Lori Nikkel
Second Harvest

Orlando Carreira
BizBash & The Happy Hour Academy

Panelists were asked wide array of timely questions and drew from their wealth of knowledge and experience to provide an informative session for the attendees. Here are a few key questions and answers that were asked throughout the event. 

“Now that were shifting from live to virtual, we are fighting not just against people’s phones but we are what they are doing in the background. Do they have 15 tabs open? How do we keep people engaged and interested in the event they that are actually attending? The media that I’ve been working with my partners over the past few months has shifted towards targeting more experiential services. People aren’t just looking for a virtual platform anymore, they are looking for ways to keep people interested, engaged, and happy.”
-Orlando Carreira

“Anybody who is speaking now needs virtual speaker training. A lot of the speakers you would get from your speaker agency are not necessarily used to speaking virtually. They are on a stage and are used to that. They are now sitting at home. That’s where you will see changes. A big part of the problem is that you see animals and all kind of things that shouldn’t be seen in the background of an important meeting or conference. We need to clean up our act.”
-Janice Cardinale

“We’ve grown a lot and the lessons have been amazing. The challenge has been, in full transparency, mental health. How can I, the CEO, make sure my staff is getting what they need? The ones what work the front lines at a physcial risk. the ones a at mental health risk, and the ones that are working from home. What’s the routine? What’s work/life balance? How do I turn off? That’s something that is difficult for us already. We’ve got our mental health passports now and we made sure Halloween candy showed up at everyone’s door this week. We’re trying to keep a fun environment when we can’t be together.”
-Lori Nikkel

Our sponsor, Roll This Way, gifted five attendees of Planning Ahead their highly sought after Virtual Sushi Making Classes. Congratulations to those who won!

We’d like to take the time again for all of those involved in making Planning Ahead a huge success. Stay tuned for more exciting news coming from Quest soon and connect with us on our socials below!