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Full-Suite Solution

Our platform is a robust, fully customisable virtual conferencing platform built with the ethos that engagement is everything. We are solely driven to providing a seamless networking experience between you and your target audience. You have a vision; we make it a reality.

We will provide you with rich analytics reports giving you powerful insight into audience behaviour and how they engage with your brand within this virtual setting.

We have an unwavering attention to detail from the early planning stages through execution of the event. We are with you every step of the way to ensure your virtual/hybrid event creates unparalleled digital engagement.

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Expand Your Reach

Our platform has been designed with an eye to the future of events. Even when we are able to meet again in-person, the virtual solution is going to be part of your event as a cost-effective way to expand the reach of your event world-wide, without bringing in presenters and delegates.

There are physical limitations to how many attendees that you can have at a live event; our platform lets you have as many delegates attend as you desire from anywhere in the world!

Increase Sponsorship Opportunities

We allow you to create Exhibitor and Sponsor booths that provide your stakeholders direct contact with a targeted audience for robust lead generation.

The analytics reports we provide will allow your sponsors and exhibitors to understand exactly how attendees engage with their virtual space granting them firsthand insight into the success of their attendance at your event.

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A fully featured All-in-one platform


Have your attendees register and gather only the information you’d like to have, or have it completely public and share a link to the stream to your audience.


Interactive features such as live chat, moderated Q&A and polling allows your audience to engage with presenters and other delegates.

Exhibitor Booths

Create personalized virtual spaces for your exhibitors and sponsors allowing them to connect directly with attendees and market their businesses/organizations to their target audience.

Virtual Lobby

We will develop an interactive landing space for your delegates whether you want to go with a virtual venue or a more functional format.


We have developed a powerful networking tool to help your delegates meet other like-minded individuals in one-on-one or group settings.


Our platform allows you to own your data. We will provide you with detailed reports on delegate behaviours that you can use for future events as well as share with your stake holders to evaluate their ROI.


We will use whichever platform you are comfortable with to stream your event. We can also broadcast your streaming content across nearly all live social media feeds and virtual conferencing apps.

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