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With respect to the current global landscape, Quest AV has expanded our services to accommodate the rapidly evolving needs of the events industry. This includes offering unparalleled support for event professionals as we all safely move online for social gatherings. For those who require an entirely virtual venue for their events, we have partnered with key platforms to offer a comprehensive experience and effective solutions to continue conversations with your audience.

State-of-the-Art Hybrid/Live Event Production Studio

Quest AV is proud to offer our clients the use of both of our state of the art, multi-use, extremely versatile and most importantly safe, live event production studios. Whether it’s a single person podcast, a DJ live stream set, an AGM with multiple speakers, or a 1000+ person conference, our new hybrid live event studios have been designed to accommodate meetings and live events of all shapes and sizes. Click here for more information on our studios!

Creative Design Services (Custom Branded Background Design, Lower Thirds)

Using different screen states can elevate the look of your streaming content. Whether it a live stream or pre-recorded content, the use of screen states such as lower thirds, tickers, etc. really give a polished and professional look to your material. Think of your stream as a canvas, together we will create the exact look and feel you are trying to achieve… 

Screen States (Super Imposed Content)

Whether it be live or pre-recorded content, the use of screen states such as lower thirds or tickers provides a polished and professional look to your material. We can add motion backgrounds, host multiple presenters simultaneously and also bring in additional assets such as American Sign Language, Closed captioning among a host of other assets!

Green Screen

Utilizing a green screen allows your brand to be engaged with in a truly immersive virtual environment. There are infinite creative and dynamic scenes available: from using a simple template, a custom-created studio, or even bringing in presenters on virtual screens.

Integration of Remote Presenter(s) to Live Stream

Quest can take multiple remote presenters from various streaming tools (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex), and “repackage” them onto a stream.

Remote Presenter Pre-Event Onboarding & Preparation
  • Tips and strategies on how to make your remotely streaming presenters look their best! 
  • Opportunity to test camera, internet, audio, lighting etc 
  • Software support for Zoom, Webex, Teams and many more. 
Streaming Services

To achieve maximum engagement, you need the ability to broadcast your content across multiple platforms and ensure that your target audience can connect with you. Quest AV can integrate your event stream live to Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo and almost any service – simultaneously!

ASL Interpretation, Simultaneous Interpretation & Live Captioning (All Languages)

We offer on-screen ASL interpretation and live closed captioning services for the hearing impaired to ensure that anyone can access the content of the event. Additionally, we also can offer real-time, multilingual simultaneous interpretation alongside closed captioning.


Simply put, a teleprompter is a device that “prompts” the person speaking with a visual text of a speech or script. This allows the reader to read the text word for word, ensuring a consistent and accurate speech, while maintaining the illusion of spontaneity

Mobile Streaming Kits

Provide equipment for mobile streams such as microphones, lighting, backdrops, webcams and video cameras.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

At Quest AV, we recognize the significance of COVID-19 and the impact on the events industry. With respect to the current global landscape, we have implemented the following protocols to ensure the safety of all personnel during future events with our valued partners.

Miscellaneous Services

We built Quest AV with the core value of being flexible in all aspects of the business. Have an amazing idea for your event? Get in touch with us and we will the logistics on making it happen. 

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